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Speaker: Steve Calandra

3/24/17 – Park Avenue Club Florham Park, NJ Social Security –  It’s the choice of a lifetime.

How you file could mean a substantial amount of money in retirement!

GoToMeeting Series:

Speaker: Steve Sussel

3/23/17 – Marshall & Stevens – Business Succession Planning Strategies.

Topics include: Maximizing the value of the business, Starting the conversation, Preparing for the sale or transition and Potential tax changes. The first steps in any succession planning situation are almost always difficult.  Educating a willing participant about why it is important, what the ramifications of inaction could be and that their assets probably have a greater value than they expect will set the stage for developing an integrated and cohesive strategy.  It is important to work with professionals that can help discern the whole situation and be able to work with the team on analyzing and valuing the business.

Speaker: Greg E. Nemec

4/6/17 – AFN is a market leader in GUL’s and SGUL’s!

See features and benefits you never knew existed. Importance of premium timing. Just in time for tax season, see what to do with stocks gains and the RMD’s.

Speaker: Dean Demarco

4/20/17 – Premium Financing, Yes!

It can be done and we have the expertise to support you! The average case size premium is $200k!

Speaker: Chris Towers

5/4/17-  Linked Benefits, capitalize on one of the greatest marketing opportunities of our time!

Life insurance with Accelerated Benefits for LTC, Chronic & Critical Care Riders and understanding the difference. Products working double duty to address the greatest challenge to your retirement funding can help close that sale or attract new prospects.

Speaker: Chris Towers and Richard Forcht

5/18/17 – Understanding IUL, the mechanics, choosing the right product for the job, creating tax-free income, making the right recommendation

Speaker: Dave and Marc Verbos

6/1/17 – 1035 Exchanges made easy, Make the right UL replacement recommendation every time with PRECalc, Keep trustees out of lawsuits, using the policy review as a start.

Speaker: Greg A. Nemec

6/15/17 – 5 Ways You Can See 10 Business Owners Every Week

Speaker: Chris Towers

6/29/17 – SPIA’s and Indexed Annuities, the changing role of annuities, from accumulation to distribution, can add greatly to your bottom line.